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gefunden 11. April 2011 Aufhax hat den Geocache gefunden

Wirklich netter kleiner Wald. Guter MTB weg :-)

gefunden 03. April 2011 Rhodo Dendron hat den Geocache gefunden

Den Weg hab ich erst am Rückweg gefunden. Hin gings über Zäune und Sümpfe. :)


gefunden 24. September 2010 divingbrothers hat den Geocache gefunden

Durch den hint braucht man nicht wirklich auf die Koords schaun. Ein rascher Fund, nach einem netten kurzen Spaziergang. tftc

gefunden 01. August 2010 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

Somehow this small forest area seems to be popular for caches. Not only this is the home forest of oldschool_gangster, there also used to be another cache hidden only about 60 m from this cache, see
(visit link)
It appears that recently there is a trend to duplicate cache locations.

Due to my negative experience with the cache mentioned above when I tried to reach it from the North (which worked out, but was very tiresome), I approached this cache from the Mariagruener street. After a short walk I arrived at the cache location and found the cache quickly.

BTW: There is a nice multi cache leading along the Peter Rosegger trail which is worth to be visited. Unfortunately, the final needs to be fixed. In any case, it is recommendable to visit the existing caches in the area before hiding new ones in the area.

GC Basel-Stadt
TB Engel Schlumpf
(I left the Czech TB, the other TB owned by TrexMike is not in the cache)

gefunden 31. Juli 2010 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

Approached this cache by bike via the suggested parking coordinates. Gps-reception was quite jumpy but the box was at an obvious place.
Afterwards I followed the path as I wanted to go back via Andritz.. well, it worked out but I can only recommend it if you like "jungle feeling"

IN: "Basel-Stadt" GC

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