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Trobat! Gràcies.

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Time for a little hike today.
After we parked the car, I noticed that I forgot a pen. But there was a well sorted "Tabac" at hand in Migjorn Gran so we could start after some minutes. First we passed (and climbed) the stone pile (Naveta?) near the cemetery. Then heading forward between the stone walls. After some hundred meters I was sure that Baby J. would never reach the cave. Okay, it is not so interesting for a four years old girl to walk along on a "street"
But when we left this way I walked down the trail into the Barranc de Binigaus she was heading forward and we had to see how to follow. Zwinkernd And then the cave... Wow! Cool Really a cathedral. We were very impressed. I climbed up the step and walked a little bit into the part at the back end (not Bag's End Zwinkernd). It is getting quite narrow there. But fantastic.
There were some muggles around but I managed to have a look for the box unobserved by them. But then I made a mistake. I thought that two others were searching too and talked to them. Well. They weren't geocachers. But suddenly all the muggles in the cave know about geocaching and wanted me to explain it and to see the box. [I:]
Well. At 12:15 everybody (including us) was content Zwinkernd and I could place the box without too much "public attention".
Really a great place to be. The way down to the beach would have been too long for our daughter, so we returned to Migjorn Gran and drove down to Sant Tomàs in order to have some beach fun... Zwinkernd

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mity!, Uschiih & Baby J.

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Ein Besuch an der Südküste loggte uns hier quasi in den Hades;-)

Vielen Dank für dieses kleine Abenteuer

gefunden 14. Oktober 2014, 14:00 soul_diver hat den Geocache gefunden

Diesmal hat es linda-ninifee und mich zum Tourenlaufen und Cachen auf das uns noch unbekannte Menorca verschlagen. Auf unserer heutigen Tour auf dieser wunderschönen Baleareninseln konnten wir diese Dose schnell finden und loggen. Eine sehr eindrucksvolle Höhle und eine schöne location für tolle Bilder!! Vielen Dank fürs Herführen, Legen und Pflegen!!!

GOLD zusammen mit linda-ninifee  8)

☆ TFTC - viele Grüße aus Essen/Duisburg vom Team JoKa ☆

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