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 OC meets OC

by mic@     Germany

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N 56° 03.000' E 003° 24.000' (WGS84)

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 Time required: 0:40 h 
 Event date: 02 January 2021
 Published on: 07 October 2017
 Last update: 10 January 2020
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC13FC3

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It´s time to meet each other... virtually!
Please don´t visit this event at the given coordinates (or You get wet),
instead grab Your headset / smartphone and join our video session. 

The details are:

Date: 02-jan-2021
Time: 20:30 (Berlin time zone)
Language: english only
Duration: 40min (minimum)
Tools required: headset or smartphone
Link: ??? (will be clarified in december)

Happy opencaching, mic@

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unir sha naq urnqfrg



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Will attend 19 May 2020 martl wants to visit the event

plane zu kommen

Will attend 01 April 2020 Kocherreiter wants to visit the event

It would be a pleasure meeting OC users all over the world.

Attended 05 January 2020, 01:08 ithink314 has visited the event

##** I've had an account on oc.de for a long time, but haven't logged a cache there since  Der Laputische Gruß (OC107A) in 2013! Now I know about Safari caches, so maybe the next one will be sooner. This comes at a good time, because every 1-3 months, c:geo has problems logging into GC with my phone using orbot in VPN mode, and there aren't a huge number of ocus hides I haven't found near home. I 2nd the wish for a different meeting site/app next time, but I'm happy Zoom worked OK on Lineage 16 without Gapps, over Tor (with only camera and microphone permissions); however, it did burn 65% battery in 90 minutes +/-. [O:)]

Greetings and thanks from Charlotte, NC, USA! TFTE!! **##

###**Thanks, mic@, for setting this up!**###

+/-  2 @ January 4, 2020 19:08.

Attended 04 January 2020 mic@ has visited the event

It was a pleasure to have users from other oc-countries to join in. And sorry for all the interruptions, I will check out in december 2020 if there is any better video conference tool available. This listing is now set up for the next meeting (02-jan-2021), so make a big cross in your calendar and keep this listing on your watch list. Stay save and keep on (open)caching, Mic@

Attended 04 January 2020 TeamMB has visited the event

We joined the virtual meeting spontaneously almost as surprise visitor. It was amazing to meet freaks cachers from half around the world and from various platforms, to listen to different views, experiences and suggestions about possible synergies and to see that there are other people like us who use several independent geocaching-websites for many years.

Thanks for creating and organizing the inspiring event and a good and healthy new year and decade with lots of great caching experiences to all participants! :)

TeamMB from Bavaria


PS: For the next rendezvous we suggest (not just for the purpose of opensource) to use a meeting platform which is FOSS (free-to-use & free-of-interrupts) like openmeetings.

Attended 04 January 2020 FroschvomTal has visited the event

Thanks for the organisaton of the meeting. It was very interesting for me.

Greetings to all the participants, see you next year


Attended 04 January 2020 harrieklomp has visited the event

That was a nice meeting and learned some things about other OC sites  and seeing other people that like OC.

I will be there the next time :-) .


Pictures for this log entry:
The meetingThe meeting

last modified on 04 March 2020

Attended 04 January 2020, 22:30 andrixnet has visited the event

Thank you mic@ for the idea. It was wonerful to meet you all and exchange experiences.

Greetings from Romania,


Attended 04 January 2020, 22:17 Le Dompteur has visited the event

It was a pleasure joining the "global-talk" about our common hobby and different problems. Allthough there were lot of themes unnamed and have to wait until next year. 'hope to see/hear you all again 2021 and a happy new-year 2020!


Will attend 20 September 2019 Le Dompteur wants to visit the event

I too would like to join the people in "OC-land" from all over the world.
'hope, that my hardware does match to the conditions.

Happy OpenCaching meanwhile!

Will attend 31 May 2019 harrieklomp wants to visit the event

I try to be there also.

This event can be logged on different Opencaching sites like OCUS and OCNL who has the same Rendezvous event Lachend

Will attend 23 May 2019 andrixnet wants to visit the event

Looking forward to it.


Thank you, Mic@ for the tip

Will attend 28 March 2019 martl wants to visit the event

Plane zu kommen

Will attend 13 January 2019 mic@ wants to visit the event

Ich plane auch in 2020 dabeizusein. Bis dann, Mic@

last modified on 15 February 2019

Attended 05 January 2019 dogesu has visited the event

Nice to meet but unfortunately only german opencachers met, so we switched the language to german. I hope that next time we will meet international members.

Attended 05 January 2019, 22:02 FroschvomTal has visited the event

Thanks for this meeting. I've made a mistake so I was 12 hours earlier. But mic@ reminded me. Thank you. I had a nice time.

Pictures for this log entry:

Attended 05 January 2019 mic@ has visited the event

This was an easy meeting with three participants.
It would have been nice to have more attendees, but unfortunately it was not allowed to recycle my twin listings (e.g. OP8P5DÜberrascht
So for next rendezvous on 04-jan-2020 I will create seperate new listings again.
Happy new year and opencaching everybody, Mic@

Pictures for this log entry:
Rendezvous 2019Rendezvous 2019

Will attend 05 January 2019, 08:36 FroschvomTal wants to visit the event

See you...

  New coordinates:  N 56° 03.000' E 003° 24.000', moved by 753 km

Available 11 October 2018 mic@ has maintained the cache

@Bon Echo: Thank You for the reminder. I switched this event to a fixed regulary basis, so each first saturday in the new year we start this rendezvous event. It´s always the same listing, but you can log it multiple time for every participation. So make a big red cross for the next meeting ==> january 5th 2019. Happy opencaching, Mic@

Note 11 October 2018 Bon Echo wrote a note

Any plans to host another event, one year later? Greetings from Canada

Archived 10 November 2017 mic@ has archived the cache

Wird erstmal in den Tierfschlaf versetzt, bis ich ein neues Rendezvous starte (vielleicht gleich zum Beginn des Neuen Jahres). Danke an alle Teilnehmer, Mic@

Attended 05 November 2017 Elvis7 has visited the event


Thank you for fantastic conversation.

Elvis7 - oc.pl

Attended 04 November 2017 Hanekju has visited the event

Auch ich war dabei, war aber nur Zuhörer.
Es war eine tolle Erfahrung, aber die Sprachbarrieren waren doch leider größer als gedacht, da nicht jeder Teilnehmer der englischen Sprache mächtig war und andere Teilnehmer dann übersetzen mussten.
Ich werde gerne bei einer Wiederholung dabei sein.
Danke für diese Idee :)

Attended 04 November 2017 mic@ has visited the event

Thanks to everybody who joined this first international ** video meeting !!!
It´s main purpose was to check out the possibilities of zoom.us and the performance with many users logged into it.

@local team: If You like this meeting, then try to establish it on your site on a regular basis, e.g. every first saturday of a month.
Then You can discuss about new features on the platfrom, new apps, nice gimmicks, upcoming events, problems and hints and so on.
And if You record the session, then it´s easy to publish the conversation as a podcast (audio) or on a special youtube channel (video).
Last but not least we should repeat it again, maybe on a yearly basis so that each (pl + .uk + .us +.cz +.de) team can show what
is has been added on their local site and other global topics like OKAPI.

Best wishes from Berlin, Mic@

CZ --> https://opencaching.cz/viewcache.php?wp=OZ0278
DE --> https://www.opencaching.de/viewcache.php?wp=OC13FC3
PL --> https://opencaching.pl/viewcache.php?wp=OP8P5D
UK --> https://opencache.uk/viewcache.php?wp=OK0423
US --> http://www.opencaching.us/viewcache.php?wp=OU0AC3

last modified on 11 October 2018

Will attend 23 October 2017 clanfamily wants to visit the event

Dann schau ich mal ob ich es dazu schaffe ;)

Will attend 11 October 2017, 14:54 Hanekju wants to visit the event

Ich werde dabei sein 🙂

Will attend 07 October 2017 Jiver78 wants to visit the event

Oh schade. Ich könnte sogar pünktlich vor Ort sein... Zwinkernd

Wobei, wird wohl schon zu kalt zum Schwimmen...