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 Short walk to an impressing waterfall, not very far from the highway

by Gavriel     Austria > Oberösterreich > Traunviertel

N 48° 01.123' E 013° 48.121' (WGS84)

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 Size: normal
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 Hidden on: 30 December 2003
 Listed since: 24 August 2005
 Last update: 19 November 2005
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At N = 48° 00,926 / E = 13° 47,797 there is the official parking lot at the western side of the bridge, but you can also try to leave your car near N = 48° 00,952 / E = 13° 47,721 (there is a playground and a table). On the eastern side of the bridge there is a little "restaurant".
There is a (partly) paved track leading down to the fall. It took me less than an hour to walk down from the car, hide the cache and return. Therefore I guess that approximately 45 min should be enough for the cache-hunt (not accounting for staying a long time at the various vista-points).

Imagine the time when salt, the "white gold" was brought down the river on wooden rafts from the Salzkammergut. The waterfall was quite a challenge then. 1552 a wooden channel was built to bring the rafts down (the long ramp that is now used for the powerstation was part of that workaraound).

The Cache is a 500 ml plastic-box: Please do not remove Pencil, sharpener and Logbook.
GPS-Reception wasn't very good, the coordinates were taken from the measurement with the highest accuracy.
There was no one around when I hid the cache (no wonder: Winter, bad weather), on sunny summer-days this might be different.

Do not enter the river-bed (according to the warning signs there may be floods). Do not enter any of the small caves in the banks, they do not look very solid to my eyes.
Basically the waterfall can be visited any time, but there is no "winterservice". So be aware of the fact that it might be slippery and icy.

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Vafvqr n penpx pybfr gb gur yrsg raq bs fbzr fbeg bs byq jnyy. Arneolr na byq fgrrypnoyr jnf unatvat qbja gur ebpxf. N oynpx ohpxrg jnf unys-ohevrq gurer (znl or tbar).



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Found 30 September 2017, 09:15 Werzuli found the geocache

Heute bei einem kurzen Spaziergang gefunden. Bitte genau lesen, hab lange auf der falschen Seite gesucht. Danke fürs verstecken

Found 26 May 2017 Dra_gon found the geocache

Schon oft vorbeigefahren aber nie stehengeblieben. Das war definitiv ein Fehler. Ein wundervoller Ort an dem ich extra lang geblieben bin. Leider ist die Holzbrücke gesperrt und so musste ich von der anderen Seite zur Dose vordringen. Danach eine andere Perspektive des Traunfalls bewundert.
TFTC **Dra_gon**

Found The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 08 November 2016 mike3000 found the geocache

Heute endlich mal in der Nähe gewesen, um auch diesen schon lange auf meiner todo Liste befindlichen Cache endlich zu loggen. DFDC !

Found 12 September 2013, 14:18 AstridG. found the geocache

Schon a weil chen her ... aber ... Fund it :)

Found 09 May 2010 Rossnatur found the geocache

War ein wirklich schöner Muttertagausflug und obwohl wir nicht eben gut ausgerüstet waren (Autonavi) und wir totale Anfänger sind, haben wirden Cache gehoben, war richtig schön hier!