Hike through the Rohrwald, a dense forest full of wild life, elves and trolls

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N 48° 24.862' E 016° 19.144' (WGS84)

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 Zeitaufwand: 5:00 h   Strecke: 13 km
 Versteckt am: 04. Oktober 2003
 Gelistet seit: 10. November 2005
 Letzte Änderung: 01. März 2014
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The tour is rather long (appr. 13 km) and will take you through the Rohrwald, a dense forest full of wild life (including wild boars). The terrain is easy and not-too-steep terrain, but the tracks are mainly forest-roads (sometimes muddy). Hiking boots, map and refreshments are advisable.

Near stage 1 there is a restaurant (Goldenes Bründl) and a parking area at N 48° 24.797', E 016° 18.949'. From the surrounding hills you have a splendid view over the Weinviertel and to the Wiener Pforte in the south.

N1: 48° 24.862', E1: 016° 19.144'
I do not know for certain what this object is supposed to be, it looks quite different than other things of that category. Close to the ground there are three letters. Convert these letters to numbers (A=1, B=2, ... Z=26), sum up the numbers and call the result A. The side with the large V is the wrong side.

N2 = N1 + A*10 + 3 and E2 = E1 - A*10 - 4
Here you will find a number, let us call the digits BCDE. On the backside you can find a story about an accident involving a duke, a horse and a stag. Duke and horse stayed unharmed. What may have happened to the stag?

N3 = N2 + 5CD and E3 = E2 - (C-D)CD
The first row tells you the name of the object. Convert the 2nd, the 3rd and the 6th letter to numbers (A=1, B=2, ... Z=26), sum up the number and call the result F. Count the letters of the name, substract 1 and take the resulting number as G.

N4 = N3 + F*8 +3 and E4 = E3 - F*18 -8 When I hid the cache you could have found a very old stone plate with three letters, but now you find a newer stone-plate with a much longer name on it. Convert the last three letters to numbers (A=1, B=2, ... Z=26). Add the 8th and the 9th letter call the result H. Multiply the 9th letter by 2 and call the result I. Add the 9th and the 10th letter and call the result J.

N5 = N4 - H*J + 18 and E5 = E4 - (I-1)*J + 8
The view is worth this little detour. Look out for two four-digit numbers concerning a "son of the forest" (not on the war memorial). The two numbers are K and L. It is up to you which way you take to the next stage, depending on wind and weather. There are fare more paths through the forest than are shown in the map.

N6 = N5 + G*10 - 5 and E6 = E5 + L + 590
A large board tells you, how far you could hike (if you have enough time). A yellow dot on the map marks your position, immediately next to the yellow dot there is a threedigit number. Take the sum of all 3 digits as M, the first digits accounts for N. The second digit times 10 plus the third digit will be O.

Now you have all the information you need to calculate the final coordinates of the cache.

N7 = 48° 25,(M+1)BN and E7 = E6 + O*G - K/100
The cache is a glass with a metal lid.

I had a rather good gps-signal (accuracy 6m) when I first sighted the hiding place, but a lousy signal when I hid the cache. But the object will catch any geocacher's eye, I suppose. The hiding place is visible from the path, first think, then search. It is not near any beehives or birdhouses.
I've put a piece of rotting wood on it to deflect the rain a bit (and to prevent the plastic bag from peeping out of the hiding place).

You can combine this cachetour with visiting the Schweden-Höhlen (maybe you have already noticed the signs at the parking-lot).
There is a good chance to encounter dragons, trolls or just some people wielding swords. Don't be worried, they are harmless. The area is quite popular among the local LARP-scene.

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7: gerrfghzc abg sne nobir n cngu, abg arne gur orrf





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gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. Empfohlen 16. März 2020 Lefar48 hat den Geocache gefunden

Gestern bis Stage 2 gekommen, dann musste ich abbrechen, weil das erforderliche Objekt nicht mehr vorhanden ist. In dem Logeintrag eines Vorfinders (bei GC) habe ich folgende Info gefunden:

"Für alle weiteren Cacher sei als Hilfe für die Jahreszahl der Wert A mit 78 multipliziert und noch 14 hinzugezählt." 

Mit dieser Information bezüglich der nicht mehr vorhandenen Stage 2 hab ich gestern noch die Koordinaten für Stage 3 berechnet. Heute ging es vom Goldenen Bründl aus direkt zur Stage 3. Dort und auch bei den folgenden Stationen war alles sehr gut und eindeutig zu ermitteln. Der Weg von Stage 5 zu 6 ist ziemlich lang, aber ich habe die aussichtsreiche Wanderung im Sonnenschein genossen. Düster war es heute hier nirgends.

Der Weg zum Finale war dann kurz und das Versteck ist mir sofort aufgefallen. Das Doserl schnell geborgen. Alles in bester Ordnung. Bevor es zurück zum Goldenen Bründl ging, ging es noch zu den Schwedenhöhlen.

gefunden 23. April 2017 Eagle_ hat den Geocache gefunden

Solche altehrwürdigen Multis schätze ich sehr. Wie von der Ownerin gewohnt war es eine schöne und unkomplizierte Führung durch eine sehr ruhige Landschaft. Besonders die eine Stage, die etwas abseits liegt, hat mir gut gefallen.
Im Zuge der Runde kann man auch ein paar Tradis besuchen, und den Multi "Wielensdorf und die breite Linde" - wobei da etwas Heimarbeit hilfreich ist und man somit doppelte Wege spart.
Danke für den Cache

gefunden Der Cache ist in gutem oder akzeptablem Zustand. 30. Dezember 2016 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

Given the snow at higher altitudes and the short day lengths, it was not easy to come up with a suitable cache for today. Finally AnnaMoritz suggested this quite old multi cache.

We parked at the suggested coordinates and headed off. As we were well prepared we had looked at the photo for Stage 1 before we left and so had no issue with obtaining A and could directly continue to Stage 2 where I was glad that we only needed to write down the year and not to read the text on the backside of the object. Given the cold temperatures I also appreciated that the calculations were not hard to perform and that we always obtained the same results.

It's amazing how many crosses and even more how many installations used by hunters like raised hides the area has to offer. Stage 3 did not pose an issue either. While the conditions of the trails in the forest was perfect today as the ground was frozen, the situation unfortunately changed on the way to Stage 4. Suddenly the ground was not frozen any longer and our shoes got quite dirty. At that point of time I did not yet know that it would come much worse.

In the area around Stages 4-5 we met a number of people while the remaining part of the walk was quite lonesome. It appears that many people drive up by car and only go for a short walk.

The question at Stage 4 was quickly answered and we moved on to Stage 5 which indeed warrants the detour. The view was very nice and the location also has something else to offer. The part which then followed was the one I did enjoy the least - under today's conditions it was quite an annoying section. I needed to stop every 50m or so to tr to get rid of say 3kg of mud from my shoes. Maybe we could have avoided what we experienced by taking a different route. Anyway I was really glad that we finally entered a forest area again.

Once having arrived at Stage 6 obtaining the required information was not an issue at all and so we could calculate the coordinates for the final. There the reception was a bit jumpy but we soon spotted the cache container which was way smaller than expected- that's for certain not a container of size regular and due to the narrow bottleneck of the container one cannot even leave trackables. The container and the log sheet are in reasonable condition.

After having found the cache a relatively long walk back to the car waited for us, but in easy terrain and with no muddy sections which allowed me to walk faster and which must have been a relief to AnnaMoritz for whom it was a challenge to wait patiently for me in the sections where I was so slow. For me it was a relief that we found the cache quickly and did not have to engage in a long search as otherwise we might have ended up in the dark which probably is not that pleasant in an area which seems to be very popular among hunters.

All in all we ended up with a walk of around 13km and 350 height meters. I enjoyed the walk except the muddy parts. One of the nicest parts was when we walked through areas where the trees, bushes and the grass were covered with thick layers of hoarfrost. The sun rays created beautiful colour effects in combination with the little ice crystals. I will also remember the nice effect created by the red hawthorns covered with white hoarfrost.

We did not meet any LARP players - I guess it was too cold for them anyway.

Thank you very much the motivation to go for an extended winter walk and for maintaining this cache over many years.

gefunden 14. August 2016 temu_dshin hat den Geocache gefunden

Unser Dreamteam heut mit swasti, mrs. Swasti, tapony, lawamonzter, firlefanz1 und cachedog cora machten uns auf den Weg durch den Düsterwald. Ein alter Multi wie man gleich merkt da die Stage weit auseinander lagen aber so kanns auch gehn! Es gab aber auch per Umweg einen schöne Aussicht und lecker Imbiss auch noch! Final war schnell gefunden und alles okay beim kleinen Teil!

Dank für's zeigentemu_dshin



gefunden 14. August 2016, 17:02 swasti hat den Geocache gefunden

14. August 2016 17:11

Den Multi gemeinsam mit Freunden gemacht. Die einzelnen stages waren alle gut zu finden. Von Steinen und kreuzen, bis zu Gedenktafel und einer Kapelle alles zu Gesicht bekommen. Zum Glück liegt am weg auch noch unverhofft eine labstation mitten im Wald. Die konnten wir nicht auslassen.
Die finale Dose empfand ich für den Multi aber als ziemlich mickrig und unpassend. Hat uns aber trotzdem gefallen ;)

Diesen Cache gemeinsam mit mrs. Swasti, tapony, lawamonzter,temudshin, firlefanz1 und cachedog cora gesucht,gefunden und geloggt.

Danke an Gavriel für das Verstecken des Caches mit dem Namen " Düsterwald " hier an diesem schönen Platz.

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Danke für den Cache/TFTC