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TSP - The Architect's Garden

 Walk through the Türkenschanzpark. Paved terrain except for the final 10 m. Suitable for children

por Gavriel     Austria > Wien > Wien

¡Atención! Este geocache es "archivado"! No es un contenedor físico a las coordenadas especificadas (o los que tienen que determinar). ¡El interés del lugar no es necesariamente la búsqueda!

N 48° 14.049' E 016° 20.175' (WGS84)

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 Tamaño: micro
Estado: archivado
 Tiempo requerido: 2:00 h 
 Ocultos en: 08. febrero 2004
 Publicado desde: 10. diciembre 2005
 Última actualización: 23. julio 2011
 Listado: https://opencaching.de/OC11A4
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Descripción    Deutsch  ·  English (Inglés)

This large park is an early example of "terra-forming". The area contained an old fortress, quarries and wilderness-areas. Towards the end of the 19th century the famous architect Heinrich von Ferstel suggested to create a park here (because the wind in this area was considered to be important and healthy).
In order to represent various types of alpine landscapes the gardeners dug out valleys and lakes, heaped up hills, built waterfalls and planted forests. You will see many exotic trees on your tour through the area. The park has undergone severe changes in the 20th century and it has lost some of its former "romantic" scenery. The old look-out is still there, but unfortunately it is closed. The park offers a lot of possibilities for modern sports (beach-volleyball, inline-skating, etc.).

Apart from two stages and the cache you'll have to find all necessary points without the help of a GPS. You will need the titles and descriptions of the stages and your imagination. Just keep your eyes open on your walk . The layouts of the park can be quite useful, too.

The park will no longer be closed after nightfall as it used to be.
Public transport: Streetcar 41, Bus 10A, 37A or 40A
The terrain-rating was done with the system. I think it overestimates the terrain.

Stage 1, N1 = 48° 14,049', E1 = 16° 20,175': Sisters
Look for some "bloody" sisters at this place, there number is H.

Stage 2: Woman with a towel
Once this woman was wearing a bronze-bikini, but now she is even more daring: The only thing she has is a towel behind her back. But never mind: Count the numbers of great Xs on the metallic fence in front of the towel-woman. Let the crossfoot of this number be A.

Stage 3 - old: Almost a prophet
For many years a small weather-station used to be here. But after being empty for a long time it has disappeared altogether. Therefore we will not count anything here.

Stage 3 - new: Fuuuury!
Fury (or is it Seabiscuit?) has run away. His master seems to be at a loss as he gazes into the distance. Maybe he is thinking about a piece of music? Count the petals on his musical instrument, divide them by two and take the result as B.

Stage 4: Who dwells in the heart?
This may be difficult for non-german-speaking visitors. If so, try to look up the words in the german description and look for the word with a capital W.

Find out, who dwells in the heart. Convert the first letter into a number (A=1, B=2 ...), divide it by 2 in oder to derive G.

Stage 5: The rock-crystal
Is he alone here? Then C=3.
Is one person with him? Then C=2.
Are two persons with him? Then C=1.

Stage 6: Woman-Power
On which side of the base do you find the artist's name?
On the right side? E=9
In the middle? E=7
On the left side? E=5

Stage 7: The call of the mountain
Take the number of the district you are as x

N7 = N1 + 2*x +1; E7 = E1 + x/6

You are standing at the foot of the "Alps", at least that is what the rocks are meant to symbolize. From this spot walk towards the top of the "mountain" until you see three large alpine trees behind some benches. Take a closer look at the middle one and count the letters of its german name. Let the number be F.

Stage 8: "I hab zwa harbe Rappen"
Again, this may be hard for non-german-speakers. But there is no decent translation for the words, they mean (more or less) "I have two black horses". The hint will tell you whom to look for.
Look at his head.
Unicoloured? Then D=8.
Speckled? Then D=5.
Marbled? Then D=1.

Now you should have all necessary information to go for the cache. The container is a small box that was "Traunfall" in its previous life. Contents: make-shift cache-note, some sheets for logging. NO PENCIL!.

Stage 9 = the Cache: NC= 48° 14,ABC and EC = 16° DE,FGH

The GPS-Signal wasn't extremely good there (8m accuracy).
Please hide it very well again.

Good luck!

Version 1.05

Ayuda adicional   Descripción

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Nota 23. julio 2011 Gavriel han escrito una nota

Das war einer meiner ältesten Caches. Leider ist das Versteck abhanden gekommen, Alternativverstecke waren leider alles Mistkübel von Gestörten. Eine Suche zwischen Latexhandschuhen will ich niemandem zumuten.

ich hatte in Erwägung gezogen, ihn um der Erinnerung willen in einen virtuellen Cache umzuwandeln, aber wenn ich sehe wieviele Besucher mein anderer virtueller Cache hat, wär das schad um die Zeit.

no encontrado 17. octubre 2010 DIFI no han encontrado el geocaching

letzte woche gesucht und den deckel des glases inc. scherben gefunden... :-(

encuentran 28. mayo 2009 SimFloG ha encontrado el geocache

encuentran 01. noviembre 2008 SchlaSchlu ha encontrado el geocache

Vor zwei Wochen schon einmal gesucht, heute um 12:35 Uhr gehoben. Durch Regen und Laub sehr rutschig. Vorsicht! Cache ist ein Gurkenglas.

IN: oranges Band


Lg die SchlaSchlu´s 


encuentran 26. octubre 2008 tmah ha encontrado el geocache

Tolle Idee! So gut lernt man sonst den TSP nicht kennen. Hat erst im 2. Anlauf geklappt.