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 Tübingen tiny

di ekorren     Germania > Baden-Württemberg > Tübingen, Landkreis

N 48° 31.268' E 009° 03.198' (WGS84)

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 Dimensioni: micro
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 Nascosta il: 15. marzo 2018
 Pubblicata il: 15. marzo 2018
 Ultimo aggiornamento: 13. marzo 2019
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC14642

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Tübingen now also exists in tiny size: As a bronze model of the old city in scale 1:500.

The model is especially intended for use by blind people who can touch every house and finger their way through the town. Descriptions of important buildings and streets are available in Braille on the model. The houses are quite detailed and built very exact after the originals, while the terrain has a few less precise parts.

The model was built by artist Felix Boerken in 2017, bought by the Lions Club and then donated to the municipality of Tübingen. On March 14th 2018 it was officially presented and since then waits in front of the town museum for interested locals and visitors.


The Cache:

You are looking for a little round plastic container of similar size as a film container.

The challenge is to find a moment where you can grab the cache despite all the muggels. If the model is surrounded by muggles you might need to wait. Please use the hint if you expect to be watched.

I assume that the cache can be found by wheelchair drivers and blind people without help. If you try, please tell me how it went (either in your log or by mail).

Suggerimenti addizionali   Decripta

Orybj gur "Xehzzr Oeüpxr" ("orag oevqtr") fdhner, juvpu vf n ovg oruvaq gur "Wnxbohfxvepur" puhepu.
Teno sebz gur pnfgyr.



Tübingen 1:500
Tübingen 1:500


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trovata 12. luglio 2020, 20:40 Heidfriedlinde ha trovato la geocache

Greift man schnell ins richtige Loch wird man fündig ohne von Muggel erwischt zu werden. TFTC

trovata 12. luglio 2020, 20:38 Sandra9227 ha trovato la geocache

Heute konnten wir hier endlich zugreifen, es war zur Abwechslung mal nicht ganz so viel los. Danke für's Verstecken!

non trovata 25. giugno 2020, 16:30 RedAnarchy non ha trovato la geocache

Leider trotz ausgiebigem fühlen und anschließendem Blick unter die Platte nicht gefunden. Ist der Cache noch da, wo er sein sollte?
IN: nix
OUT: auch nix
Hometown: Stuttgart-Hausen, Germany
# 78
25. Juni 2020 // 16:30 // RedAnarchy

trovata 15. aprile 2020 JohnnyW ha trovato la geocache

trovata 31. agosto 2019, 15:28 Venom1984 ha trovato la geocache

Beim 2. Anlauf gefunden und muggel frei gologgt :)