Via Regia - Am Hochkreuz

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N 50° 34.787' E 007° 07.448' (WGS84)

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This is a series of caches about the Aachen-Frankfurter-Heerstraße (AFH), the military road the German Emperors used in order to get to Aachen for their crowning ceremony. Hence the name "Krönungsstraße", which translates to "crowning road".

The Via Regia has been the most important road connecting Aachen and Frankfurt from the times of Charlemagne to the late 19th century. After being elected in Frankfurt they travelled to Aachen for their crowning ceremony.Moreover, the road was used for trading or troop movements. From Düren to Sinzig it roughly follows today's motorway 61. This section is special, as it has the steepest inclines of the entire road. The impact on the landscape is visible up to date, although many sections have vanished due to land cosolidation. But on satellite photos the course is well visible.

General information:

With this series I will only cover the AFH in the region of Grafschaft, there are a number of information posts throughout the marked hiking trail. Additional information can be found on the internet, on the information posts and at local clubs devoted to regional traditions. The hinking trail has been marked by the "Eifelverein".Every cache station is designed as a short multi-stage cache with trails under 5 km. Of cource, you can hike the whole trail at once (about 11 km, one-way!); then, it might be best to start in Eckendorf, because the station fit together best. Please follow the hinking sign "AFH" (black font on white square).The trail follows dirt roads, so hiking or (mountain-)biking is no problem, nevertheless, strollers or wheelchairs may not do the whole route. Cars or motorcycles are not allowed. After a raining peroid the road might be very muddy.

MULTI STAGE (3.5 km, on track: 1.1 km)

At this station you'll find a distinctive solitary tree. At this point the AFH crosses today's dirt roads. Coming from Fritzdorf you have already lost some elevation, in the further course of the trail comes a prominent ravine of 178 metres length.
At the tree, you'll have a spectacular view in all directions: to the South you'll see the motorway 61, followed by the valley of the Ahr and the hills of the Eifel. To the West you'll see the industrial park, a bit north of it lies the trail of the AFH and the windmill. To the North you can spot the radome of Fraunhofer's Institute Wachtberg, east of it are the "summits" of the Siebengebirge. To the East you can see the Landskrone, a distinctive butte at the edge of the Ahrtal.

Parking is possible at PPAH01 or PPAH02.
At WPAH01 you'll find a cross with a date next to the information sign. This date is ABCD, its digit sum is X.
For WPAH02 subtract 11*X from the north coordinate, the east coordinate is: E 007° 07.XXD

There, you have a great view of the ravine mentioned earlier on the information sign. Although it has been partly backfilled, the deep cut into the ground is still visible. Look around and you'll find some metal bars with a blue sign attached. Below a name are two numbers: DN E00 and PN FG.Below them are 3 different digits written in big font. The highest is H and H-4 is J.

The Final is located at:
N50° 34.(H)(F+G)(H), E007° 0(2*E).(J)(H+J+J)(J)

Bring your own pen and don't forget to note the Bonus number!
If you follow the trail to the east, you'll come directly to the next station (RPAH01). Otherwise head back to the parking area via RPAH02.

Zusätzliche Wegpunkte   andere Koordinatensysteme

N 50° 35.155'
E 007° 07.934'
PPAH01 - Parkmöglichkeit
N 50° 35.093'
E 007° 07.982'
PPAH02 - weitere Parkmöglichkeit.
Zu Schul- oder Kirchzeiten wahrscheinlich belegt.
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 50° 34.490'
E 007° 08.463'
RPAH01 - Her geht es weiter zur nächsten Etappe.
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 50° 34.780'
E 007° 08.036'
RPAH02 - Hier geht es zurück nach Leimersdorf.
Info Die zusätzlichen Wegpunkte werden bei Auswahl des Caches auf der Karte angezeigt, sind in heruntergeladenen GPX-Dateien enthalten und werden an das GPS-Gerät gesendet.

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gefunden 28. Juli 2015 CADS11 hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute habe ich mit Smartcach und Sunnysky.ger mal die alte Krönungsstraße angesehen. Wie lange mögen die früher für die Strecke Aachen Frankfurt gebraucht haben, die wir heute in ein paar Stunden zurück legen?

Die Stationen und das Final waren gut zu finden.

Danke an clappy für diesen Cache sagt