A walk through Leopoldau, which offers quite different views of this part of the city

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N 48° 15.719' E 016° 26.834' (WGS84)

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The area of today's Leopoldau was already populated in the new stone age. The name Alpiltowe appears for the first time about 1.000 years ago. Until today's Leopoldau this place was also known as Alpoltowe, Altentoe, Alpeltow, Elpeltow, Elpeltau, Elpitau, Eylpetau, Eiylpoltau, Apoltau, Eupoltau and Eipeldau.

If you start your walk at the starting coordinates N 48° 15.719, E 016° 26.834, you will find a waycross reaching the place with public transportation with the underground line U1, station Aderklaaer Straße).
The number of crosses in the mosaics is A.

Continue your walk in northeastern direction to reach the Leopoldauer Platz. The Leopoldauer Platz is the former village green. Right at the beginning you see a pond and a statue of St.  Leopold. On your further way the old structure of the village is still clearly recognizable.

In the middle of the place is the church and the small graveyard of Leopoldau. At the backside of the church is an inscription "IN MEMORIAM MGR. ...".
Take the name in the last row (3 words) and convert the letters to numbers (A=1, B=2, C=3,...). Add the numbers to get B.

Vis a vis of the church once stood the "Armen- and Gemeindemarkthaus". Today only a plague beside the emblem of Leopoldau on one of the neighboring houses and the missing house number remembers of this object.
Add up all digits on the plague for C.

Before leaving the Leopoldauer Platz you will find at number 7 the Leopoldauer gooses and a bus-stop.
Which number has this stop (as shown beside the name of the station)? The sum of the digits is D

The next stage is at N 48° 15.854, E 016° 26.111.

The ball-cross is probably above a pest grave, butpe rhaps it is a cairn of early history. Anyway you find at the base of the cross a modern metal plague.
The identification is not well readable, but the first two letters can be identified without any troubles. Convert them again in numbers and add them to get E.

From now on the appearance of Leopoldau changes dramatically, but on the other hand there is a possibility for a rest at N 48° 16.084, E 016° 25.935 (if you are not too early or too late there).
In front of the entrance is a funny animal. Between it's legs is a plate with an emergency phone number ("Notfallnummer"). Sum up all digits of this number for F.

Head on to N 48° 16.541, E 016° 25.916. There is a good sight to the old gas works. The erection there was one of the conditions for integrating Leopoldau as part of Vienna in 1904.
In the background the big round-shaped gas tanks can't be overseen.How much of them can you see? The number is G.

The cache is placed at

N 48° 16.xxx, E 016° 26.yyy

xxx = B*D+A*F+C*G+E*G+F-E
yyy = B+C+E+F*G-A*G

The camouflage is a little but rusty, but just take the cover from both ends, lift it and turn it aside. Now you can reach the box without any troubles. In the box you find some trading items, but please leave logbook, cachenote, pencil and sharpener there.

V1.2 - 2007-11-27


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gefunden 15. April 2012 Pimbsti hat den Geocache gefunden

Der erste Cache den ich gesucht und schließlich auch gefunden habe.

TFTC - Pimbsti

gefunden 25. Juni 2011 chris2286266 hat den Geocache gefunden

Interessante Gegend!
Da jemand schon ein paar Daten beinander hatte, war der Rest schnell erledigt ...
Cooles Versteck übrigens!
TFTC (#1238)

gefunden 06. Januar 2011 schaitti hat den Geocache gefunden

UUUps... fast vergessen den hier zu loggen..Naja.. Mit dem richtigen Werkzeug und ein bißchen Muskelschmalz (von temu_dshin) wars nicht alzu schwer, aber ein bisserl Zeitaufwändig, die Dose dort rauszubekommen.. Inhalt OK! Dose OK! TFTC schaitti

gefunden 06. Januar 2011 Wienerin hat den Geocache gefunden

eine netter Ausflug in lustiger Runde - TFTNC . die Wienerin

gefunden 06. Januar 2011 guenti hat den Geocache gefunden

in einer kleinen feinen runde gefunden - tftnc - guenti