Der magnetische Nordpol

 A cache not only for adult polar explorer!

von Mystphi     Deutschland > Hamburg > Hamburg

N 53° 34.531' E 010° 08.594' (WGS84)

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 Zeitaufwand: 3:00 h   Strecke: 3.5 km
 Versteckt am: 28. Juli 2010
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 Letzte Änderung: 07. Oktober 2016
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With this cache I want to treat you to a polar expedition of special kind. Over 7 stages guiding you through the wonderland of magnetism this journey ends at least direct at the magnetic north pole. This is the point where magnetic streamlines leaves earth's surface vertically. You can park your dog sledge at the start coordinate if there is place for it.

The start coordinate is the stage1. Here the journey begins. Keep your eyes open and look for the clear visible fraction parts nnn and eee of the coordinate of stage 2. For better identifying an "N" respectively an "E" is prefixed the fraction parts. Stage 2 you will find at

N53° 34.nnn' / E10° 08.eee'

All other information you will get in the course of the expedition.

To bring this expedition to a good success some preparation is necessary. First is the correct clothing. Thick coat or thermal underwear would only make sense in strong polar winter (but in this case the multi will be closed), but a dirt resistant, long trouser and close shoes are strongly recommended. Especially in polar summer the flora must not be underestimated. Breast-high stinging nettle, dense grass, thistle and thorns will take their toll for unsuitable clothing. Mosquitoes and specially ticks will do the same. So protect yourself against this trouble.

On the other side the correct equipment is essential. Following things you should take with you:

  • The GPS-receiver! No doubt, this is the main thing. Without it you will have no chance.

  • A good compass! As important as the receiver is a good compass. At least you want to reach the magnetic north pole, so you need a good magnetic compass. It should be flat and not too small. Be sure that it has a needle. A ball compass from car is as unsuitable as the electronic one inside a GPS-receiver. A picture of a suitable compass you can see in the gallery below.

  • 2 full loaded batteries or accumulators of type Mignon (AA)! If your receiver uses such batteries you can use them. You need them only at one stage for a short time. Be sure that they have no bigger diameter then 14mm. Some high capacitive accumulators are a little thicker as normal and may cause damage.

  • A pocket mirror! It is not mandatory but it makes some stages easier.

  • Facial tissues and gloves! At two stages you will get dirty hands (gloves strongly recommended!), and also the equipment should be cleaned up before putting back. So it will remain in good quality for a long time.

  • Notepad or digital camera! This also is not mandatory and can be substituted by a long memory, but I want to mention it to avoid later lamentations ;-).

Apart from this equipment no other is necessary. Especially tools like screw driver, pincer, multitool, hex-wrench or similar are in doubt absolutely counterproductive. Don't stress yourself with such tools and leave them at home.

Among the preparation of the equipment mental preparation is also not preposterous. For this it is for example recommended to study the following internet sites (only the parts of general, not the formulas):

Magnetic effect of electric current
Electromagnetic induction
Eddy current (also named Foucault current)

With this knowledge you are well prepared to bring this expedition to a good finish. But it is not mandatory to study the mentioned sites because joy and fun shall be the preferred nature of this expedition. Therefore every stage has a special spoiler that substitutes missing knowledge in doubt. Without these spoilers the whole distance of the expedition is 3.5km. If all spoilers are used, 1.2km is added.

Now I wish you good success and particular much fun at your explorations though the land of magnetism and at the magnetic north pole.

Important notes!

  • Calculate enough time!! This is a high level Multi and it is not done as in "take away maner". Calculate minimum 3, better 4-5 hours for this multi.

  • For kids this multi is only recommended in companionship of an adult. At stage 3 and the final some arm force is necessary. Also small people should take a taller partner with them, because they will get problems at stage 3.

  • Patience!! Stage 3 is situated at a very muggly place and it is the most expensive stage of all. Therefore be absolutely sure to wait for an unobserved moment for raising this station (the equipment)!. This can take some time. Please stick to this so this stage will not be burned. It is hardly replaceable.

  • Good short term memory!! Please first observe a stage carefully before you disassemble it / take it out. It shall be placed back in exact the same way you found it. In doubt first make a photo from it, so you could be sure at placing back.

  • At all stages in direct sight of residents, they are informed about this stage.

  • At frost or snow some stages are not avalable! It makes no sense to try this cache under those conditions.

  • The D-ranking of 4 is valid without the use of Hints and Spoiler. If you use all, the D-ranking decreases to 1.5.

  • This cache can also be logged at Geocaching.com!

Verschlüsselter Hinweis   Entschlüsseln

[Hints for finding the stages]:
[St.1]: Genssvp yvtug, va gjbuhaqerqguvegl pragvzrgre urvtug
[St.2/Tool]: Pbeare cvyyne bs gur srapr, obggbz
[St.2]: Sebt Fvtany
[St.3]: Fvta, Fdhner ghor
[St.4]: Ng gur tebhaq
[St.5/Tool]: Qbbe cbfg, zntargvp
[St.5]: "Anghefpuhgmmbar", zntarg ng gur evtug fvqr, gura chyy bhg
[St.6]: Fvta, chyy ng gur fvqr
[St.7]: Ubyybj gerr, tevc qrrc vafvqr

[Hints for finding the spoilers]:
[St.2]: Pbeare cvyyne bs gur srapr
[St.3]: "Sreajäezr", hfr zveebe
[St.4]: Ng xarr yriry, hfr zveebe
[St.5]: Ubyybj fghzc, fyvtugyl pbirerq
[St.6]: Oneevre, gur fvqr jvgu pbhagre jrvtug
[St.7]: Ubyybj gerr, pbirerq jvgu n fgbar
[Final]: Ng gur gerr oenpxrg



Brauchbarer Kompass / Useable compass
Brauchbarer Kompass / Useable compass


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kann gesucht werden 07. Oktober 2016 Mystphi hat den Geocache gewartet

Da beim letzten Diebstahl der Station 7 diese unerwarteter Weise wieder aufgetaucht war (nochmals meinen herzlichen Dank an den Pilzsucher, der sich bei mir gemeldet hatte ), konnte ich diesmal auf die lagernden Ersatzteile zurückgreifen, so dass ich diese Station gestern wieder in Betrieb nehmen konnte. Es kann also weitergehen.

Viele Grüße

momentan nicht verfügbar Der Cache benötigt Wartung. 03. Oktober 2016 Mystphi hat den Geocache deaktiviert

Wie ich gerade telefonisch erfahren habe, scheint Station 7 weg zu sein. Daher erstmal Pause. Vielen Dank an GeoTriad für die Info

Viele Grüße

kann gesucht werden 21. Juli 2016 Mystphi hat den Geocache gewartet

Station 3 wurde ordentlich aufgehübscht und wieder vor Ort platziert. Es kann weitergehen.

Viele Grüße

momentan nicht verfügbar 17. Juli 2016 Mystphi hat den Geocache deaktiviert

Heute Abend habe ich die beschädigte Station 3 zur Reparatur eingezogen. Das wird hoffentlich bis spätestens zum nächsten Wochenende erledigt sein. Bis dahin ist jedoch Station 3 nicht machbar.

Viele Grüße

Hinweis 10. Juli 2016 Mystphi hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben


Momentan ist die Station 3 beschädigt! Sie kann zwar noch benutzt werden, aber beim Zurücklegen ist Vorsicht geboten, da sie durch die Beschädigung etwas unberechenbar geworden ist.

Es besteht die Gefahr, dass man sich die Finger einklemmt!!

Ich werde versuchen, möglichst bald eine Lösung dafür zu finden. Das kann aber noch dauern, da ich auf die bisher verwendeten Maschinen keinen Zugriff mehr habe.

Viele Grüße