A webcam cache of a special kind

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Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 46° 33.637' E 013° 15.131' (WGS84)

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 Größe: kein Behälter
Status: archiviert
 Zeitaufwand: 0:10 h   Strecke: 0.1 km
 Versteckt am: 30. September 2011
 Gelistet seit: 30. September 2011
 Letzte Änderung: 13. August 2013
 Listing: http://opencaching.de/OCD37B

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A webcam cache of a different kind: you won't need anyone at home to save the picture while you are standing next to the webcam. Just go to the listed coordinates and follow the instructions of the cam. Keep in mind date and time of your visit.

To get the picture after you returned home, navigate to this website (if the direct link does not work, go to www.nassfeld.at and navigate through the menus: Service & Events / Livecams / Fotopoints), choose the link to "Archiv Fotopoint Madritsche". Now choose the date of your visit from the calendar, mark the field "Bild vergrößert öffnen" and click on the image with the correct timestamp. To prove that the photo is really showing you, you should hold something in your hands that identifies you as a geocacher: a travelbug, a GPSR device, a sign with your OC-alias or something else. Upload the photo together with your log.

Attention: It might take a few days until the picture is online. In my case it took three days; other pictures were online after just one day. Please be patient.

Terrain rating is based on reaching the cache by using the Millennium-Express. Of course it can also be reached by walking. Please raise the terrain rating to 3.5 in this case.

And here's a special tip: If you want to see marmots in the wild, go to N46 33.900 E13 15.498, sit down, be silent (no stamping with your feet, no speaking, no talking - therefore impossible to do with kids!) and look to the south. There's a small forest in a distance of about 50 meters. A camera with telephoto lens or binoculars will definitely help. It my take 20 minutes until the shy animals will appear, so this is nothing to do quick.

Watch out for holes in the ground and stones. You should always wear hiking boots in the mountains, even when the area is exploited well!

Have fun with the webcam cache and with the marmots!


So könnte ein Logfoto aussehen
So könnte ein Logfoto aussehen
Murmeltier auf der Wiese
Murmeltier auf der Wiese
zwei Murmeltiere in einer Felswand
zwei Murmeltiere in einer Felswand


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archiviert 13. August 2013 goldensurfer hat den Geocache archiviert

Wegen Doppelbelegung der Location und der Kamera archiviere ich meinen Cache. Bitte loggt die Bilder der Cam bei diesem Cache, er hat ältere "Rechte":




gefunden 24. Juli 2013, 12:05 Girfant2 hat den Geocache gefunden

Unser erster Cache bei OpenCaching ist ein Webcam Cache.

Freut mich, dass es geklappt hat. TFTC Girfant2


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WebCam FotoWebCam Foto

gefunden 02. März 2013 Firestorm 4000 hat den Geocache gefunden

Mein erster Opencaching Cache is gleich ein Fotocache.
Leider hatte ich keine Geocache Equipment dabei. Hoffe es zählt trotzdem.


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Nassfeld FotocacheNassfeld Fotocache