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Drive-In Geocache
Zielinskissimus Agetatio

 Urban experimental cache

by Mystphi     Germany > Hamburg > Hamburg

N 53° 35.198' E 010° 07.385' (WGS84)

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 Size: small
Status: Available
 Time required: 0:30 h 
 Hidden on: 13 July 2007
 Listed since: 09 July 2007
 Last update: 18 April 2014
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC3B4B
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Description    Deutsch  ·  English

This cache is "driven out" in several respects. Certainly it will cause head banging, misunderstanding or perhaps indignation to some cachers. But all this may be discussed via mail. Although it is a drive-in, it is definitely not suitable for the lunch break. Only the gifted cachers will log it in a quarter of an hour. But it is better to calculate with 30-45 minutes. Fine office dress at the hunt is possible, but not recommended. For that the cache has an other special advantage. It is self camouflaging and so nearly 100% muggel resistant. If you are afraid in muggles, this cache is the right thing for you, for you can raise it without attract attention after you had located it. And for this you don't need your hands.

Important notes!

  • The rising and puting back costs time and is a little bit complicated. Be conscious of this!

  • It is not necessary to enter railway area!

  • Get off the installations at site (rain duct, boxes, covers, bike stands or electrics)! The cache is not there.

  • DON'T touch anything belonging to the nearby kiosk!

  • During your hunt you have to to go to an auxilliary stage. You find its coordinates at the cache.

  • Don't try to raise the cache without the auxilliary stage! You will be suspect for muggles!

  • At every step you will do you must be able to do it backwards. Think about this before doing anything!

But now enough of words. Go and take your own impressions. I wish much fun and success.

Additional hint   Decrypt

[Cache]: Urenyqel: Gjb bs guvf svir ner abg yvxr gur bgure (abguvat sebz gur xvbfx!!).
[Helpstage]: Orgjrra cyngr naq qbbe.



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Log entries for Zielinskissimus Agetatio    Found 118x Not found 1x Note 52x Maintenance 2x

Found 04 March 2017, 15:09 vemars found the geocache

Ja, das war nach meinem Geschmack. Und mein Mann war froh, dass ich dabei war. Ein hoch auf sie Emanzipierung.  ;)
Danke für den sehr schönen Cache. # 68

Found 17 December 2016, 20:27 Kalli HH found the geocache

Gefunden danke

Found The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. Recommended 13 November 2016 SaFran94 found the geocache

# 6235 / # 6199 GC only

Der angebissene Apfel führte Atze2000 und uns heute nach Hamburg. Nachdem wir erfolglos aus dem Laden wieder herausgekommen waren, hofften wir darauf, zumindest noch ein Lächeln auf die GC-Karte zu zaubern.
Da wir aber keine Lust verspürten, Cache in der Innenstadt zu lösen, suchten wir uns die Favorisierten in der Nähe aus.

Nachdem wir die Wappen entdeckt hatten, war uns schnell klar, was wir machen sollten, um an das Logbuch zu gelangen. Die Hilfsmittel aus der Zwischenstation bestärkten uns in unserer Annahme und so machten wir uns frisch ans Werk.

Der Handwerke in unserem Team machte sich sogleich an die Arbeit und friemelte mit bloßen Händen los. Das konnte sich der Ingenieur nicht mit ansehen und erklärte ihm die Handhabung des Werkzeuges. So ging die Aufgabe schon sehr viel schneller und die Frau aus dem Team staunte nicht schlecht, als wir das Versteck nach nicht mal 10 Minuten wieder so hinterließen, wie wir es vorgefunden hatten.

Auch eine sehr schöne Idee, ein Logbuch zu verstecken – wofür wir natürlich ein blaues Wappen zu den anderen klebten.


Found 01 September 2016, 21:23 geocachinghamburg found the geocache

I spent an hour trying to find out what the deal with this cache was. I just couldn't figure it out. I investigated that glaringly obvious object, but that one will only waste your time. The listing is quite correct in it saying that you need nothing but your eyes to spot the cache.
Anyway, I read the hint to no avail and wanted to abort. I walked off and found the auxiliary station by accident.
With the tools I found the target easily. Damn, I had been so close. I wonder why I didn't find the cache in first place. A few minutes later I could sign the log book.
Thanks for this cache!

Found 08 May 2016, 00:33 Kängarfield found the geocache

Mit Königmoderig und Geheimwortkids in 11min geschafft

TFTC Kängarfield